SRI SARASWATHI COLLEGE OF D.ED is a premier institute of D.ed that has carved a niche for itself in the field of teacher training, under the aegis of SRI SARASWATHI Educational Society, the college has made its presence felt in the teacher training horizon of the state. Being located in Talluru, Prakasam district the college has got access to all means of transport, communication and lodging facilities. It was one among the few D.ed colleges in Andhrapradesh selected by Govt. of India for the Teacher Training Course(TTC). The courses offered are designed to impart the education aid to society’s urgent demand for skilled professional teachers and with a vision to create teachers having the drive, skill, and confidence to become the pioneers of tomorrow.

What nobler employment, or more
valuable to the state, than that of the man
who instructs the rising generation.
::Marcus Tullius Cicero

About Training

Content-area and methods knowledge—often also includes ways of teaching and assessing a specific subject, in which case this area may overlap with the first ("foundational") area. There is increasing debate about this aspect; because it is no longer possible to know in advance what kind of knowledge and skill pupils will need when they enter adult life, it becomes harder to know what kinds of knowledge and skill teachers should have. Increasingly, emphasis is placed upon 'transversal' or 'horizontal' skills (such as 'learning to learn' or 'social competences', which cut across traditional subject boundaries, and therefore call into question traditional ways of designing the Teacher Education curriculum (and traditional school curricula and ways of working in the classroom).

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